Rent stabilized tenants can now file overcharge complaints online

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RentConnect” is a new website where rent stabilized tenants can file overcharge complaints, lease violation complaints, and oppose a proposed Major Capital Improvement (MCI). The website is administered by the New York State agency responsible for enforcing the rent regulations. We’re still testing out RentConnect, however we’re optimistic an otherwise time-consuming and paperwork driven apparatus is now more accessible and modern. Here are a few screenshots:

Overcharge complaints

We have a lot of hope for this one. If the application prescreens the complaint for correctness, a lot of back and forth mail and personal time can be saved.

Oh sure, there are a few landlord features too…

Lease Violations

Lease violations come in a lot of different forms, which include, but are not limited to: failing to add a spouse to a lease, failing to renew a lease, or failing to offer a lease to a succeeding tenant. This is a frequent tenant issue, so we’re hopeful this process will be made a bit easier as well.

Respond to MCI

MCI (Major Capital Improvement) is a contentious issue. Owners can apply to the HCR to substantially increase the rent in their building because of system-wide or building wide construction, such as replacing a roof, installing new windows, or new boilers. Tenants have a say in this process, and now can respond and oppose to a proposed owner MCI online.

Please let us know your experiences with Rent Connect!

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