Central Park Tower Catching Up Quick to 432 Park Avenue

432 Park Avenue, 111 West 57th, Central Park Tower, taken 1/13/2019.

At last check, Central Park Tower, aka 217 West 57th, was at 1’300 feet, or 90 stories tall. Since YIMBY’s report, Central Park Tower is still about 16 stories above the prominent horizontal mass of concrete just below the offset. That offset is about 1,100′ feet above ground, with the next offset (and not yet constructed) at around 1,400′, according to Skyscraper.org. So 1,300′ is a fair estimate of Central Park Tower’s current height, with 432 Park Avenue’s 1,396′ rooftop only 96 feet away.

CPT from 9th ave. and W 50th st.

The Central Park Tower (CPT) already stands prominently in midtown, but 432 Park Avenue still has a slight, but quickly vanishing edge. Our main picture above was taken from Astoria Park, not far from the Triboro Bridge. I’m thinking there’s a bit of an optical illusion going on, as the perspective of the shot skews the rooftop height in bias of 432 greatly. This edge wont last much longer since CPT will top off by fall of this year. 432’s rooftop height will have been surpassed well before then.

The supertall CPT.
CPT looking east on 57th st.
CPT looking west, corner of 7th ave and 57th st.

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