The Bustle of 500 Met

The concrete centerpiece of BQE-straddling architecture.

For such a gigantic building, 500 Met only has 60 residences (according to NYCity Map, 52 according to Bold New York) for rent or sale. So what on earth is 500 Met doing with all that space? The residential units actually begin on the 7th floor, below that is a hotel. But is it affordable?

Ok, so let’s get the obvious out of the way – 500 Met is in no way affordable. This is a hardcore luxury condo and rental (and hotel). And part of me wants to say how ugly the building is, yet its location is undeniable. The owners of this real estate gamble must be breathing a sigh of relief at the suspension of the L train shutdown, considering the L is practically on sight.

You and 500 Met at the L and G trains.

As we were saying, 500 Met’s architectural achievement is more related to its massive size and dominance over the local cityscape than anything else. Just outside the 500 Met is Metropolitan Avenue, with the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn just a few steps away.
500 Met is situated at the busy congruence of Union and Metropolitan Ave.

So if you have $10k income a month to burn, 500 Met may be an attractive option. If you’re looking for something affordable, hop on that L train and head east.

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