420 Gets Big In Long Island City, Block 420 That Is…

Lot 420!

There’s a lot of 420 in Long Island City, and there’s also block 420 in Long Island City. You know what else goes down on block 420? Maybe some 420, but definitely Gotham Center. The first tower has been smokin’ lonely on block 420 since 2 Gotham Center’s completion in 2011. But not any more, as the Gotham Center project nears completion. In the next part of our Jackson Avenue update, we checked out One and Three Gotham Center, aka 1 and 3 Three Gotham Center, aka 28-07 Jackson Avenue. Let’s take a look!

When we last visited in November of 2017, 1 and 3 Gotham Center was a mere 2 stories high. The massive office project is owned by Tishman-Speyer, the real estate giant know for losing the seminal J-51 case, Roberts v. Tishman-Speyer. The LLC working the real estate transactions is LIC SITE B-1 OWNER, L.L.C. When we visited this weekend, construction has already reached 21 stories. A mere 6 stories separates current construction (probably 5 by now) and topping off at 27 stories, or 427 feet).

Gotham Center reaches 21 stories, but J-51 ain’t one.

There is little vertical structure left to build. Facade installation is just past the halfway point, already reaching 14 stories. Interior mechanical installation is well underway, judging from our peek through the supervisor’s window. One and Three Gotham Center are scheduled for completion for Spring of 2019, and considering the general lack of serious DOB violations, that projection should be met as block 420 is on a smokin’ pace to completion.

Tower 28 looms in the background. Block 420 is almost done bakin’

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