371 Stockholm Street nabbed again by DOB while affordability remains aloof

Brooklyn’s latest plastic box…

371 Stockholm Street in Bushwick Brooklyn has been little more than a parking lot since the 1970s. Prior to that, “The German Presbyterian Ebenezer Church of Brooklyn” occupied the lot. But Bushwick isn’t Long Island, and space can’t be wasted on parking lots when there are residential towers to build. That said, here comes the latest market rate project sure to fuel the fires of gentrification in Bushwick, if it ever completes construction.

So who owns 371 Stockholm Street? The curiously named, “But Why Corp.”, actually formed way back in 1992. Oh, and if you want to serve process on the owner, according to NYS Department of State filings, you can send your legal papers here. You can read the ACRIS records for this property and confirm ownership of the lot, which actually was formed by merging lots 35 and 38.

We’re not sure about the architectural nature of the church that once stood at this lot. Historical records note that a church existed here from about 1894 until the mid-1970s. We’ll keep our eyes open on any historical photos from the era, however, NYC DoITT map comes to the rescue once again and at least gives us an aerial shot from 1924.

Back in 1924, a church stood on this lot.

Today, the fortunes of this property are stalling as the DOB (Department of Buildings) issued yet another stop work order on the property. The current partial stop work order, issued on August 6th, 2018, carries a similar theme to the order issued back in May of this year. Both orders cite a “FAILURE TO SAFEGAURD ALL PERSONS AND PROPERTIES”, however, the May order was a complete full stop work order, while yesterday’s was only partial, but still severely limits (and fully stops at “exp1”) exterior work:


You can read about two prior DOB safety issues with this property and their associated stop work orders of varying capacities here.

Up close at 371 Stockholm Street.

At 9 stories and 27 units, there are no affordable units in this building. According to DoF (Department of Finance) records, there are no tax abatements or exemptions for this property. There is no regulatory agreement on file in ACRIS that conveys affordability. Thus, when this property eventually wraps up construction and people start moving in, the monthly rental cost will be decided by what the market will bare in Bushwick.

The garage scourge continues. PTACs, you have competition.

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