Stop Work Order Halts Progress at 322 Menahan Street, Bushwick

322 Menahan Street, Bushwick Brooklyn.

In our latest venture into Bushwick, we came across 322 Menahan Street, a partially built structure that’s seen better days. Unfortunately for the community that must bare the eyesore, a partial stop work order has forced an end to construction. The 6 story, 13 unit project stretches from 375 Grove Street to 322 Menahan Street. At the time of our visit, the only activity was the local feline population.

The complaints on the DOB website tell the story of this lot. Once an easement for the LIRR, the property was sold to Menahan Brookland LLC, and combined with the 375 Grove Street lot. The property has seen better days, indeed 80s NYC shows a better atmosphere when compared the current dilapidated structure.

However, not all hope is lost. A check of the ACRIS shows the owner ha secured two loans totaling $2.9 million. Perhaps construction will resume soon, however, numerous violations and fines must be cleared first.

DOB filings on 375 Grove Street, Bushwick Brooklyn.
Sidewalk shed postsers.
Maybe some day…

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