City View Tower Foundation Prep Work Underway

23-15 44th Drive
Nothing says progress like a vertical pile boring machine.

Oh how the mighty have fallen, from 1,000 feet to 768 feet to be precise. We’re talking about the Court Square City View Tower, once slated to become the first supertall outside of Manhattan. However, due to a FAA determination, the City View Tower will have to settle for merely being the first building taller than the 658 foot One Court Square, aka the “Big Green Citibank Building in Long Island City”.

If you’re looking for affordability, you’ll have to look elsewhere. The City View is 802 units of pure luxury condominiums, no rentals or affordable co-ops. But if you’re looking for progress in what will still be Long Island City’s tallest building, you’ll find plenty of that at 23-15 44th Drive.

During our visit, construction crews were installing retaining walls along the perimeter of the worksite. That will clear the way for additional excavation. The large I-beams being sunk into the ground appear at least 30 feet long, with about half of the retaining wall already built around the perimeter. Actual foundation work comes next, followed by construction of the superstructure.

So was City View Long Island City’s last best hope for a supertall? We’ll keep an eye out towards the horizon, but City View sure seemed like the only game in town going so tall in LIC.

23-15 44th Drive
Elevated view of 23-15 44th Drive.
23-15 44th Drive
Excavation work and retaining wall installation.
23-15 44th Drive
When everything is all said and done….

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