845 Broadway Shows Signs of Life, Sort of

839 Broadway
Corner of Park Street and Broadway. Look at that stonework.

845 Broadway is a property in southwest Bushwick, just east of Flushing Avenue, that has seen better days. The roof looks like Swiss cheese, the windows are boarded up, and the facade is wrapped in metal. But there’s something architecturally remarkable that still lurks behind all the years of neglect. The old pre-war facade still remains in salvageable condition. Just a bit of TLC could get this property looking like new, or at least something close to it.

Sadly, 845 Broadway (which includes 839 Broadway) is a commercial conversion, which means a loss of housing. This property is only a few hundred feet east of 815 Broadway. As seen below, the same “WBL” marking that appeared on 815 Broadway appeared on this property as well.

839 Broadway
“WBL” appears again.

Construction at the site, which is actually four distinct buildings unified by a single lot number, has been slow. The stone facade at 839 Broadway (formerly lot #6) remains intact. Interior work is apparent from the J train. The rear lots have new structural elements and cement work. But at the time of our visit, no construction was in progress. It’s unclear why work has been glacial, as Department of Buildings property records don’t indicate a stop work order, however there is an $8,000.00 unpaid ECB Violation penalty due.

839 Broadway
Corner of Park Street and Broadway.
Rear of 839 Broadway
Construction was quiet on Saturday.
845 Broadway
Locust Street side.

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