Central Park Tower aka Extell Tower aka Nordstrom Tower aka 257 west 57th soon to eclipse 432 Park Avenue

Central Park Tower rises.

432 Park Avenue’s reign as the tallest building (by roof height) will soon be at an end. The 1,396 foot high structure contains 86 stories of pure luxury, with 0%  affordability. The building stands as a testament to the seismic shift in construction in New York, with luxury condos now standing as the symbol of the Big Apple. Perhaps the same may have been said about the Empire State Building, but at least anyone can visit its pinnacle.

Now comes a new symbol of New York’s shift towards unaffordability, the Central Park Tower. The massive skyscraper is quickly beginning to punch a hole in the New York skyline, as it will soon dwarf 432 Park Avenue by 379 feet. Sure, it’s roof height is 1,550 feet, but that’s still 154 feet taller than 432 Park Avenue. Add the extra spire, and that takes Central Park Tower to its remarkable 1,775 foot height.

The debate of which building is New York’s tallest will continue unabated, but one thing is clear. Midtown, where the unfinished Central Park Tower resides, is about 100-150 feet higher in elevation than lower Manhattan. So even if One World Trade Center, with its 1,776 pinnacle (and 1,368 roof height) is an entire foot higher, the optical illusion of the elevation difference will allow the Central Park Tower to dominate the skyline.

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